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What Our Customers Say About Us . . .


Dixie's owners Chris & Iris Keohane

' Whenever we've gone away for a holiday our cat TomTom has always stayed at Kitty's Cattery. As an ex-stray cat he's usually very timid towards strangers but he's always been happy to stay with Lisa. The cattery is clean and safe place to leave your pet while you're on holiday and they get spoiled with good food&tummy rubs! You can take your own beds/toys, even food for your pet if you wish-whatever you think would make their stay more comfortable. Lisa also sends updates via email about how your cat is doing which is really nice. Plus it's always a lovely place to visit as it's full of animals-peacocks being my personal favourites! '

Tom Tom's owner Mari Backman

'Hi, I'm Prince.  I'm used to being treated as royalty and I'm happy to say that Kitty's Cattery lives up to the high standards to which I have become accustomed. I check out my two-roomed suite to see that everything is just right and then settle into my favourite spot by the window.  I love the privacy of the back room when I don't feel like being sociable, and the sunroom in front is perfect when I want to chat or just stare at my neighbours.  In winter, I settle down for a nice snooze beside my own personal radiator.  Lisa always serves my favourite food and even cooked a

Prince, with a little help from his owner Bridin Ashe


Dixie_Sq1 Tom_Tom_Sq1

special christmas dinner for me last year.  She scratches me under my chin and behind my ears just the right way.  Sometimes I scratch her back, playfully of course. My 'owner' says she likes that the place is spotlessly clean, there's no horrible smell of cleaning agents, the windows are always washed so I have a perfectly clear view of the great outdoors. She appreciates Lisa' s reliability and how well she looks after her guests, down to giving me my medicine every morning and evening without fail, even when I don't feel like taking it.  Mostly, she knows that Lisa loves cats, especially ME.  Need I say more?'

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Socrates' Owner Joy Burniston

person who obviously cares for her charges and spends time with each of them to make them feel loved. I must admit it is the first time I have ever had a cat who seems to be content to enter his holiday home and almost reluctant to return home at the end of his stay! He always seems perfectly happy when I return and is not stressed at all. Thank you Lisa for making my holidays so worry free. I know Socrates thinks you are great.'


'I can unreservedly recommend Kittys Cattery as a “home from home” for cats.  Lisa provides a 5 star accommodation where each cat has its own “suite” with heated sleeping area and a separate area where it can look out on and interact with the passing world.  She obviously likes and understands cats and also takes a personal interest in each animal providing a comprehensive verbal report when the stay is over.  The best recommendation I can provide came from our cat which was most reluctant to leave with us after a long stay while we were moving house earlier this year.'

Rifka's owner Maurice Curtin


'I would just like to say how delighted I am to have discovered Kitty's Cattery. I now know that I can go away in the knowledge that Socrates is in safe hands in a state of the art 'hotel' all of his own. There is no bare, square room look here. The purposely built accommodation is bright, clean and brilliantly laid out with lots of climbing areas, a superb view of the grounds so there is always something for him to watch yet because of the layout with its safety corridor there is no chance of him accidently getting out. Lisa is a friendly

'We have used Kitty's Cattery for several years to care for our cat when we are out of the country. The custom design rooms are constructed in U-PVC which is hygienic and easily cleaned, each room has heating for comfort in the winter with separate play and sleeping areas. Lisa is a kind and caring person who loves animals and knows each one by name, we are pleased to recommend Kitty's Cattery.'